Lisle Wine Enthusiasts

Lisle Wine Enthusiasts

Lisle Wine Enthusiasts is a group composed of people that enjoy wine and each others company. We are not wine tasters, we are wine ‘enthusiasts.’ We have no desire to be ‘Wine Snobs’, but just informed enough to know our way around a wine store or a restaurant wine list.

The group meets each month, generally on the first Saturday of the month at one of the member’s homes. The host rotates each month. For the tasting, the host selects and purchases from five or six wines and presents the wines at the tasting. Each member attending the meeting signs up to bring bread, cheese, or dessert for the group.

The host is reimbursed the cost of the wine by the attending members. The goal is value for the dollar spent.  The shared cost of a tasting is normally between $20 and $25 per couple; you won’t find us tasting $100 bottles of wine. We want to take home some ideas on wines that we may want to go out and buy for family dinner or special o occasion.  

Generally, the monthly host has a theme for the tasting: Spanish Cava’s, French Bordeaux’s, a specific winery, or a comparison between wines from different regions. For example, tastings have compared French wines to their California counterparts or Chilean wines to South African wines.  

We also sometimes have special events such as ‘Brown Bag wines we grew up with,’ a ‘Bartle’s and James’ Wine Cooler evening complete with their cardboard cutouts

watching over us, beer tastings, or bring your home-made chili. Some years the first tasting is a social event such as a barbeque or Spaghetti dinner. We often end the season with a barbeque or a roasted pig.  Christmas tastings can be a dress-up dinner at a local hotel or a special sparkling wine tasting. In any case, besides the holiday cheer, you are likely to find yourself singing Christmas Carols.

If you are looking for an enjoyable evening where you can taste generally delightful wines, learn a little, and share good times with people who are bound to become your friends, click Contact at the top of this page and send our host an email. We’ll get back to you with the necessary information and look forward to seeing you at a tasting.